An Attitude of Fatitude with Dr. Mullenmeister

After decades of being shunned from the dinner table, fat is back on the menu. But following a ketogenic diet can often feel overwhelming and rigid. Dr. Mullenmeister will share how to embrace the ketogenic diet by incorporating metabolic flexibility with an easy and sustainable approach. This talk will take us on a quick walk through the history of fat, the latest research on the benefits of a ketogenic diet, ways to use exogenous ketones correctly, and a real life approach to sustaining your body's ability to burn fat for fuel for years to come

Melanie's Bio

Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister has a very busy practice in Mitchell. SD with a focus on health and nutrition. She believes in educating and empowering her patients so that they learn the importance of taking charge of their own health. Dr. Mullenmeister is also a mother of 3 kids and has learned how to take a realistic but highly effective approach with her family as well as her patients with healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Through her own life experiences and a huge desire to always keep earning. Dr. Mullenmeister brings a fresh perspective to the table and is excited to share her knowledge in a way that is applicable and easy to implement with yourself and your patients.

Key Clinical Takeaways:
  • Using what she considers a realistic approach to a “modified keto diet“, she discusses the many benefits of eating good fats and dispels cholesterol myths.
  • Explore the concepts behind being a “sugar burner“ vs a “fat burner“.
  • The most recent science based studies regarding the ketogenic diet and what this means for brain health, chronic inflammatory diseases, Type II diabetes and weight loss.
  • Dr. Mullenmeister will "break down keto" into a realistic way of eating while maintaining satisfaction and achieving amazing results.