Targeted Support for Gastrointestinal Health:

TonicSea Probiotic Pro

TonicSea Probiotic Pro provides a potent six-strain blend of beneficial microbial species that mimics the body’s natural gut microbe balance. Probiotics are of emerging importance for fortifying your gastrointestinal health, which goes on to affect nearly every system in the body. Probiotic Pro provides an unmatched 75 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of genetically-identified probiotic strains, produced in a cGMP facility that assures the presence of only beneficial, safe, and scientifically proven microbes.

NutriDyn L-Glutamine Powder

NutriDyn L-Glutamine provides pure L-glutamine - a key amino acid for supporting immune function and protecting the gastrointestinal tract. L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, but can be rapidly depleted when the immune system is compromised. Supplementing with L-glutamine can help ensure a healthy balance of this crucial amino acid.*

Benefits of these products:
  • Supports healthy gastrointestinal balance and immune system (about 80% of the immune system derives from the gut)*
  • Supports nutrient absorption from food and the breakdown of otherwise hard-to-digest ingredients (like lactose)*
  • Supports healthy growth and maturation*
  • Supports healthy bones, joints, and skin*
  • Supports healthy cognitive function and neurotransmission*

L-Glutamine Powder


Probiotic Pro


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