The inflammatory process is one of the most important protective mechanisms humans have. Indeed, it could be argued that our survival as a species is dependent upon our ability to mount an active defense against infectious agents, with inflammation as the most important first step. Yet inflammation is now known to be a shared component of virtually every chronic disease, and is a key factor in the aging process. So how is it that this critically important function is also one of the major contributors to the aging process and to disease? And can anything be done to modulate this effect?

This workshop will examine the inflammatory process and its role in disease and aging, and explore the scientific support for nutritional modulation of inflammation. You will learn about current assessment and diagnostic tools and review the latest research on nutritional interventions, supporting practical protocols you can implement your next day back in your office.



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Bill Shaddle has been involved in helping doctors understand and apply nutrition as a therapeutic tool for nearly 40 years. Starting as a sales representative in the Midwest, he has managed sales teams, product lines, divisions and companies in the nutritional sciences field. Bill has developed expertise in taking complex nutritional topics and explaining them in clear and easy to understand ways, which has given him the opportunity to speak to doctors, pharmacists and practitioners throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia. He has developed workshops and training programs on dozens of different health and nutritional topics and is co-author of the acclaimed Nutrition Masters Course series. Bill is currently the Senior Director of Strategic Development for Metagenics, Inc. where he uses his background and knowledge to help translate Metagenics’ science into practical application for the healthcare practitioner.

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