Nutritional Support for Healthy Joints

Healthy joints, immune function, and healthy stress response should be one of the primary focuses, for your patient's well-being, especially if they're prone to nutritional deficiencies and joint discomfort from exercise.* NutriDyn offers two comprehensive joint support supplements. Metagenics OsteoVantiv® and Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care®Capsules *NEW Formula. These products contain key herbal ingredients and patented protein matrixes that are backed by research to support articulations, immune function, and systemic inflamatory response.*

Benifits of these products Include:
  • Support joint function and flexibility*
  • Support healthy inflammatory response*
  • Support healthy immune function*
  • Bioavailable ingredients for maximal absorption
Metagenics OsteoVantiv®

is formulated to support joint health and assist the function and flexibility of joints in active individuals.* This product features a clinically-effective dose of UC-II undenatured type-II collagen along with proprietary THIAA (Tetrahydroiso-alpha Acids) from hops. Research supports that these ingredients enhance joint health.*

Inflavonoid Intensive Care® Capsules *NEW Formula

contain a highly bioavailable blend of patented CurQfen® (curcumin and fenugreek) and XNT ProMatrix(xanthohumol), as well as boswellia gum extract and ginger rhizome extract.These ingredients work synergistically to support healthy oxidative stress and immune function.*



Inflavonoid Intensive Care® Capsules


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