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Ingredients :
IngredientAmountDaily Value
Neem Extract (leaf; Azadirachta indica) 150 mg *
Vidanga Extract (root; Embelia ribes) 150 mg *
Mimosa pudica Extract (whole plant) 150 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.    

Micro Eze

Comprehensive Support for Intestinal Health
Micro Eze contains ingredients to help promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora through three potent ingredients from ancient Ayurvedic practices that have also undergone modern clinical research trials. Neem extract, vidanga extract, and Mimosa pudica extract work to promote detoxification and support a healthy gut microbiome.

A healthy gut microbiome is needed to maintain overall health and well-being and may be supported through supplementation.

Clinical evidence and research cited herein show that the ingredients in Micro Eze may:

Promote a healthy gut microbiome
Promote healthy intestinal flora 
Promote healthy detoxification
Other Ingredients :
Hypromellose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.
Storage Statement :
Allergan Statement :
Recommendations :
Take one capsule daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children.
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90 Capsules