Non-hormonal menopausal symptom relief*

Estrovera is a plant-based option that features ERr 731®, a special extract of Siberian rhubarb, demonstrated in clinical studies to significantly reduce menopausal symptoms—offering an effective and safe option for both peri-and postmenopausal women.*

Effective Relief for Menopausal Symptoms*

Clinically shown to dramatically reduce the number of daily hot flashes and relieve a wide range of other symptoms.*

Unprecedented Scientific Validation*

Multiple short- and long-term studies with over 400 peri-and postmenopausal women—published in peer-reviewed journals—confirm efficacy and predicted safety.*

Favorable Safety Profile

ERr 731® has been recommended by healthcare professionals in Europe since 1993.

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30 Tablets

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90 Tablets

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Estrovera provides effective relief for multiple menopause symptoms, including hot flashes*

  • In a 12-week clinical study with ERr 731, perimenopausal women reported significant improvements in symptoms—including hot flashes and anxiety—within just 28 days (compared to placebo)*3,4
  • In another 12-week clinical study, ERr 731 reduced median number of daily hot flashes from 12 to 2*5
  • In a 6-month study, ERr 731 demonstrated progressive relief of multiple symptoms measured by the Menopause Rating Scale (MRS), including:*1

    • Negative mood, irritability & anxiety
    • Joint and muscle discomfort
    • Physical/mental exhaustion
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • In a 2-year study with ERr 731, ~83% reduction of the total MRS II score was maintained from 60 weeks to 108 weeks*†2
  • Estrovera provides a clinically effective dose of ERr 731 in just 1 tablet daily*

If you experience an adverse event while using this product, please notify Metagenics at 800-268-6200.


This estimated ratio is not included in the publication of cumulative results of a 12-week study followed by two 48-week observational studies (OS). It is calculated from the mean change of the MRS II score of 5.7 at the end of the first 48-week OS divided by the baseline score of 34. There was no change in total score from the end of the first OS to the end of the second OS. These results are from the ERr 731 subgroup only, which was administered ERr 731 daily for a total of 108 weeks. This calculation does not take into account some changes in study population over time.


Significant Reduction in Daily Hot Flash Frequency*
Multiple short- and long-term studies with ERr 731 (in over 400 peri- and postmenopausal women) confirm efficacy
for menopausal symptom relief*

  • Well-designed clinical studies represent an unprecedented level of research in phytoestrogen approaches*
  • 2 multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase III clinical trials (12 weeks)
  • 6-month prospective, post-marketing surveillance study in 70 gynecological centers
  • 1- and 2-year open observational studies to demonstrate long-term efficacy and predicted safety*

Efficacy comparable to hormone therapies*

  • In just 12 weeks, ERr 731 reduced median daily hot flashes by ~75%*†5
  • Similar to average 75% decrease with hormone therapies (HT)*6
  • Notably more effective than published clinical results with many other phytoestrogens and natural products*
Science Chart

In a 12-week study of 109 perimenopausal women, ERr 731 subjects reported a significant decrease in the median number of daily hot flashes compared to subjects taking placebo.*5
Science Chart

For comparison purposes, data were extrapolated from reviews of placebo-controlled studies of varying lengths.6,7
This estimated ratio is not included in the publication of a 12-week, multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study of 112 postmenopausal women. It is calculated from the median change of 9 daily hot flashes divided by the median baseline value of 12 daily hot flashes.


ERr 731 has a long-term history*

  • Recommended by healthcare professionals in Germany since 1993
  • Multiple in vitro and in vivo studies for toxicology and metabolism demonstrate a high degree of predicted safety*8-12
  • No clinically relevant changes in safety parameters—including gynecological findings, vital parameters, and laboratory safety parameters associated with treatment after 108 weeks of clinical observation*2

Unlike hormone therapies, ERr 731 does not contain estrogen

  • The observed clinical benefits of ERr 731 appear to be related to modulation of ERβ as demonstrated in laboratory studies*8-12
  • Siberian rhubarb is a vegetable like its relative—garden rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarium)
  • All active constituents of ERr 731 are identified as hydroxystilbenes ( phytonutrients ), primarily rhaponticin
  • ERr 731 does not contain anthraquinones, which are constituents of medicinal rhubarb plants traditionally used to treat occasional constipation and have potential liver toxicity*
Safety Diagram

ERr 731 demonstrates selective affinity for ERβ, in endometrial tissue, which suggests a safer approach.*


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Practitioner Testimonials

"Estrovera is a life changer for patients as well as doctors."
~ R. Gulati, MD

"The majority of people notice a difference in their menopausal symptoms within two weeks to a month on Estrovera. Some people's symptoms diminish to the point where they aren't bothered by them anymore, and other's see complete relief from all their symptoms. Estrovera is a win-win situation because it works and because there are no side effects associated with it. This product sells because it works!"
~ J. Cochran, ND

"Estrovera is easy, inexpensive, and safe, and there is heavy anecdotal evidence that shows that it works for a lot of people, so it's effective, too. I believe introducing lifestyle changes and optimizing health is something that needs to be done first before exploring riskier options like hormone replacement. As a physician, I would rather be a soundboard or an advocate for optimizing a patient's lifestyle with foods and safe remedies that can either ease their symptoms or almost eliminate them. With Estrovera, you don't have to be a salesman or consistently encourage people to use it—they will come to you and keep asking for it because it works!"
~ R. Lazarus, DC

Patient Testimonials

"This product WORKS!! Even with a bio-identical creme treatment, my hot flashes were debilitating, exhausting and totally embarrassing. Three months on Estrovera and the hot flashes are occasional instead of always occurring; mild instead of major' tolerable instead of torture. I recently experimented with taking them every other day but rapidly discovered I have no desire to return to that land of torment."
~ G. Lungle

“I have had almost no hot flashes since beginning this product!”
~ C. Babson

"Without Estrovera I would be living in the Arctic or spending most the day and night with my head in the freezer! I am so not kidding! About 5 weeks ago I started Estrovera as recommended by my naturopath as a natural approach to hot flashes. I had been seriously struggling for about 5 months and the hot flashes had just become unbearable and happened about every hour day or night. My heart would race and I couldn't sleep and I was just exhausted. I "get" that after 44 years of periods, my body is confused and needs time to sort this all out, but I was so tired and felt unwell and weak and ready to give up and go the HRT route. This is going to sound like an infomercial, but Estrovera has helped me so much. My hot flashes have probably been reduced so that I only have one about every couple of hours and the intensity is reduced by about 50% as well. I am also taking other vitamins to support my changing body, eating healthy and avoiding a lot of triggers. I can honestly say that without Estrovera, I would be on HRT. I am so very grateful for this natural support! I am looking forward to even more improvement over the next couple of months."
~ P. Sheasby

"Prior to Estrovera, I had major hot flashes and extreme sweating every 45 minutes, all day and all night. My shirt would be wet, my hair would be wet, and I wasn't able to get any sleep. After the first two weeks of taking Estrovera, I was able to sleep six hours straight! Estrovera makes my life so much simpler, and I feel so much cleaner now that I'm not sweating and drenching constantly. It has changed my hot flashes and my life and allows me to finally get a good night’s sleep."
~ R. Hale, patient

"I would classify myself as perimenopausal—I have irregular cycles, mood fluctuations and night sweats, which prohibited me from being able to sleep. I began seeing relief from my symptoms in about two weeks after taking Estrovera. Now I am able to sleep through the night and my temperament is much more moderate. Estrovera is a product that women in all stages of menopause can benefit from because it is healthy and it is a simple solution with great, positive outcomes."
~ D. Joy, patient

"Best product for menopause that I have taken and I have taken many. I know it works because I ran out and symptoms came back. While taking the Estrovera there were no symptoms and I was a happy woman. Thanks Estrovera you are the BEST!"
~ M. Hills, patient

"I've had hot flashes and night sweats for the last 10 years. I've tried several products and nothing seemed to give me the relief I was looking for. My night sweats were becoming unbearable. I was told about Estrovera by my holistic physician. Although skeptical I decided to give it a try. So happy I did. My symptoms have certainly decreased and I experience maybe 1 night sweat a night and I've only been on Estrovera for a week. I will continue to use Estrovera and hopefully have my life completely back! Thank you for such a great product."
~S. Rosenmeier, patient

"Estrovera has been like a miracle for me. I was so miserable with frequent hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, etc. that I sought medical assistance. I didn't want to do hormone replacement therapy so I spoke with a Naturopathic doctor who recommended Estrovera. He told me he'd read the studies and researched the ingredients and he felt that this was the safest and most effective treatment available for menopause. I ordered a bottle and after only a few days I started noticing the symptoms getting less and less frequent. I realized one day that I couldn't even remember the last time I had experienced any of those symptoms because it had been so long. Another thing that convinced me this was working was that I forgot to take it for 2 consecutive days and I starting getting hot flashes on the second day. Thank you for discovering this treatment. I finally feel like myself again."
~Lynn Q., patient