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Celebrating 50
years of being your
partner in health

Providing a personalized approach to
functional nutrition to our family of
practitioners and their patients through quality
supplements and one-on-one support.

June  Marketing Club InflammationJune  Marketing Club Inflammation
June Marketing Club Inflammation
UltraBiotic Akkermansia PlusUltraBiotic Akkermansia Plus
UltraBiotic Akkermansia Plus
UltraBiotic Women’sUltraBiotic Women’s
UltraBiotic Women’s
Omega Pure
Stress EssentialsStress Essentials
Stress Essentials Calm

Proudly practitioner-exclusive

As other supplement brands dilute their focus to other sources and subjects, we remain your go-to
practitioner-exclusive brand on the market. We are your trusted partner in health, providing you with
the necessary resources to improve the outcomes of your practice and patients.

For Healthcare Practitioners

We’re your one-stop shop for all things supplements. Our knowledgable representatives offer personalized support designed for practitioners, by practitioners.

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For Patients

Not all supplements are created equal. Ours are expertly-designed and clinically-proven, resulting in a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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Meet our Science Team

Our supplements are designed by practitioners, for practitioners. Every member of our science team is carefully chosen based on their distinctive clinical backgrounds. They bring expertise and passion to the NutriDyn mission, aiding us in crafting cutting-edge products and resources tailored to address your patients’ health needs.

Get to know our science team

Chief Science OfficerChief Science Officer
Dr. Rick Mayfield
Science OfficerScience Officer
Dr. Joel M. Evans
Science OfficerScience Officer
Dr. Tricia Paulson
Science OfficerScience Officer
Monique Class
Science OfficerScience Officer
Dr. Scott L. Bergman
Science OfficerScience Officer
Dr. Charles M. Sefcik
Science OfficerScience Officer
Dr. Robert G. Silverman
Science Board MemberScience Board Member
Steve Irsfeld RPh
Science Board MemberScience Board Member
Dr. Kristi Hughes
Science Board MemberScience Board Member
Science Board MemberScience Board Member
P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP
Science Board MemberScience Board Member
Thomas Sult, MD