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Why Choosing A Premium Fish Oil Is Crucial

The Omega Pure line of fish oils has set a new standard for omega-3 supplements, leading the industry in quality, sustainability, purity, testing, and taste. By choosing Omega Pure fish oil, you're getting the world's best EPA and DHA sources fresh from ethical, sustainable fisheries that process the raw material on-site in a human food-grade certified facility. No middleman and no third-party supplier, just fresh fish right off the boat. Even better, Omega Pure fish oil comes in a variety of concentrations that are suitable for all lifestyles and health goals.

Why Does Quality Matter When It Comes To Fish Oil?

Many fish oil supplements are produced with low-grade manufacturing techniques using raw materials that are impotent and often rife with environmental contaminants, making them more dangerous than they are beneficial. NutriDyn has partnered with the world's leading sustainable fisheries and pharmaceutically licensed processing facilities in Germany and Norway that are overseen by government officials. This ensures that each bottle of Omega Pure fish oil is made in a proper manufacturing environment under the most rigorous safety and efficacy protocols, meaning you get a final product that is pharmaceutical-grade with unrivaled purity and potency.

Complete Transparency Through A Highly-Monitored Process

NutriDyn has set out to achieve what no other company in the nutraceutical industry has before by making our very own lineup of omega-3 products with quality advantages that you won't find in any other fish oil supplement.

EuroFins Batch Testing For Over 450 Potential Contaminants

Each product batch of Omega Pure undergoes rigorous testing through EuroFins Scientific, the world leader in food, pharma and environmental laboratory testing. EuroFins analyzes our fish oil for over a combined 450 pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs, and other potentially noxious chemicals. No other fish oils on the market are tested as extensively for environmental contaminants as the fish oils found in the Omega Pure lineup. This ensures you get a final product that is not only the safest but the highest potency and purity you'll find in a fish oil supplement.

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