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The UltraBiotic line of probiotics
Setting Industry Standards

UltraBiotic has set the industry standard for premium probiotics. The result of excellence in manufacturing practices, research and development, and clinical trials. UltraBiotic is a testament to purity of ingredients, formula viability, and product quality. Created by the global leaders in the probiotic industry, an aggressive commitment to innovation and development of the world’s leading probiotics ensures end-to-end control of quality from the raw materials to shipping the final product. The manufacturers of UltraBiotic have made ongoing investments to prioritize quality and innovation in science. A world-class research team is committed to acquiring extensive knowledge of how probiotics may support a healthy digestive tract and immune system.*

Commitment to Excellence

In optimal environments for manufacturing, research and development, and scientific discovery, UltraBiotic represents:

  • Complete transparency through a highly-monitored process
  • A commitment to freeze-dried probiotic stability.
  • A commitment to setting new standards of quality through industry-leading clinical trials.
  • A commitment to rigorous science ensuring the highest quality probiotic.

NutriDyn is committed to providing premium nutraceuticals to healthcare practitioners that are models of excellence in the industry. UltraBiotic has numerous distinct quality advantages that you won’t find in any other probiotic supplement.

World Class Manufacturing Practices

UltraBiotic is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to creating unrivaled scientifically proven probiotics. The innovative manufacturing practices ensure the purity, stability, and viability of the best premium probiotics on the market.

Quality and innovation in probiotic fermentation is at the heart of facility design and engineering. A variety of strains can be developed in one facility reducing the chances of cross-contamination and allowing for unique opportunities for data collection during the manufacturing process. This creates an advantage for unprecedented research and development ensuring product quality in each and every step of strain formulation.

UltraBiotic Daily Extra Strength


UltraBiotic Daily Powder


UltraBiotic Defense


UltraBiotic Integrity


UltraBiotic Daily Multi-Strain



UltraBiotic Daily



UltraBiotic Complete


UltraBiotic Women's


UltraBiotic Bifidus


UltraBiotic Dophilus


UltraBiotic Probiotic Pro


UltraBiotic Saccharomyces boulardii


UltraBiotic Spore Probio