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3x4 Genetics

The clues and the cues to better health
are in your unique genetic code

Genetic testing has opened up powerful new possibilities, but traditional education has left practitioners unprepared in how to integrate testing into their practice. 3X4 is here to help you stay ahead of the curve!

3X4'S Genetic Test Is Built With
You, The Practitioner, In Mind

Genetic testing has opened up powerful new possibilities
, and 3X4 is here to help practitioners integrate testing into
their practice. At 3X4 Genetics, we provide cutting-edge
genetic testing along with robust clinical guides and
interactive blueprints, equipping practitioners with the
tools they need to quickly understand their patients'
genetic blueprint and stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

To Learn More About The Benefits Of Genetic Testing, Speak To Your Practitioner Today!

Cellular Health

Genetic testing informs personalized choices for optimized cellular health, empowering proactive well-being strategies

Body Health

Genetic testing guides personalized lifestyle choices, optimizing fitness and nutrition for enhanced body health.

Diet & Energy

Genetic testing tailors diets for personalized energy optimization, unlocking vitality through targeted nutrition.

Activity & Sport

Genetic testing tailors sports and activity choices for peak performance, optimizing fitness routines with personalized insights.


Genetic testing refines nutrient choices for personalized wellness, optimizing overall health through targeted approaches.

Future-Proof Your Practice

Get trained in how to use and sell the comprehensive 3X4
Genetics test in your practice and enjoy all-access to
ongoing education and monitoring from our expert
practitioners, empowering you to lead your practice into
the future of health.

Get The Support You Need

Be part of a community of fellow visionary practitioners and join the 3X4 community group
to have access to the latest news, resources, clinical tools and events with internationally
recognized experts in functional medicine and nutrition. 3X4 courses are designed to give
you confidence, using real-life case studies so that you can get the ground running and be