Targeted Support for Immune Health

Immune PRP Pro

Immune PRP Pro provides pure bovine colostrum, containing over 40 times the immune-related factors than human milk. Research suggests that bovine colostrum supports your bodily immune systems and gastrointestinal tract by providing crucial immunoglobulins as well as active inflammation fighting components.*


ImmuCore™ is a comprehensive immune support formula containing key micronutrients/antioxidants, such as patented vitamin C (Ultra Potent-C®), vitamin D3, zinc, and selenium. This product also contains a proprietary blend of seven different mushroom extracts which have been shown to support immune function and support healthy antioxidant capacity.*

Suppys Immunity

Suppys Immunity is an all-natural and delicious immune support formula for kids that contains patented Wellmune® natural yeast beta-glucan - a special compound derived from the cell wall of a highly purified, proprietary strain of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Many clinical trials demonstrate that Wellmune® can help support children's natural immune function and provide support from health challenges arising from physical and lifestyle stress.*

Benefits of these Products:
  • Support for a healthy immune function with patented ingredients*
  • Supports healthy GI tract integrity*
  • Supports healthy GI balance and immune system (about 80% of the immune system derives from the gut)*
  • All-natural source of pure bovine colostrum*
  • Concentrated mushroom extracts and bioavailable micronutrients*

Immune PRP Pro




Suppys Immunity


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