Targeted Support for Stress Management

Let’s face it, stress is a part of life. Over time, this can have deleterious effects on your health if it’s not properly managed.In fact, estimates suggest that over 65% of adults deal with chronic stress. This is where Serenagen®, Adreset®, and Calm Eze can help — three natural supplements containing evidence-based ingredients that support relaxation and manages stress.*


Serenagen® is a classic herbal stress management product formulated according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This potent blend contains 12 herbs that help support calmness relaxation, and ease tension.*


Healthy adrenal gland function is crucial for managing stress. Adreset® provides key herbal extracts from Asian ginseng, cordyceps mycelium, and rhodiola that help manage stress and fatigue.*

Calm Eze®

Calm Eze is formulated with L-theanine (from Suntheanine®) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), two ingredients that act as natural anxiety-blockers by supporting healthy levels of GABA in the brain.* When GABA levels increase in the brain, excitability decreases and relaxation ensues. Research suggests that GABA supplementation also increases alpha waves and decreases beta waves in the brain, thereby supporting calmness.*


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Calm Eze


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