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New Products

Product Code Form Retail Price Date Created
Acetyl-L-CarnitineR26560 Capsules$25.2507/12/2019
Digestive CompleteDIG180 Capsules / 60 Capsules$25.50 - $65.5009/04/2019
Dynamic Cardio FlowR15713.76 oz. (390 g)$49.5006/18/2019
Dynamic Cardio-MetabolicDCMChocolate$55.9506/19/2019
Dynamic Daily MealDDMChocolate / Vanilla$47.9506/18/2019
Dynamic FiberR71010.27 oz. (291 g)$28.5006/18/2019
Dynamic GI RestoreGIREChocolate / Vanilla$66.9507/25/2019
Dynamic Hormone BalanceDHBCaramel Macchiato / Spiced Chai$55.9508/16/2019
Dynamic Multi Collagen RenewR190No$77.9509/24/2019
E-400 with Mixed TocopherolsP207390 Softgels$28.5009/25/2019
Everyday Essentials ActiveR275A30 Packets$73.2508/29/2019
Everyday Essentials Men'sR275M30 Packets$69.9506/14/2019
Everyday Essentials Women'sR275WO30 Packets$58.2508/29/2019
Everyday Essentials Women's AdvancedR275WA30 Packets$69.5008/29/2019
GoodNightR15360 Capsules$32.5006/26/2019
HerArouseR72060 Capsules$48.0006/26/2019
Iron SupportR847180 Capsules$44.2508/21/2019
Menopause SupportMENO30 Tablets / 90 Tablets$29.75 - $78.2508/29/2019
PeriMenopause SupportR19930 Tablets$29.7508/29/2019
Spore ProbioT219660 Capsules$51.9507/01/2019
Stress Essentials SerenityR930180 Capsules$46.9507/11/2019
Suppys ProbioticSPRO120 Tablets / 60 Tablets$26.95 - $50.3509/24/2019
Vitamin C 1000 ComplexR17390 Tablets$27.2506/14/2019
Vitamin C 500 Bio ComplexR500270 Tablets$49.5006/21/2019


Reformulated Products

Product Product Code Form Retail Price Notes
Dynamic Slender Drink R383 Powder (strawberry kiwi) $33.25 New/Improved Formula
Dynamic Performance Drink R454 Powder (blackberry) $61.95 New/Improved Formula


Discontinued Products

Product Code Substitution/Notes Code
Acetyl-L-Carnitine - Prog. Labs P884 Acetyl-L-Carnitine - NutriDyn R265
ArginCor® M157 Dynamic Cardio Flow R157
BioPure Protein® M220 Dynamic Whey protein R373
Bone Builder Forte (90 count) M828 Bone Support R828
Bone Builder Prime (90 count) M105 Bone Support Prime R105
Bone Builder® Extra Strength - 180T - Large M826L Bone Support Extra Strength R140
Bone Builder® Extra Strength - 90T - Small M826 Bone Support Extra Strength R140
Bone Builder® Prime (270 count) M105L Bone Support Prime R105
Bone Builder® with Magnesium - 180T - Large M830L Bone Support with Magnesium R830
Bone Builder® with Magnesium - 90T - Small M830 Bone Support with Magnesium R830
BroccoRaphanin P166 Sulforaphane Complex R189
CandiBactin-AR® - 120C - Large M106L Spectrum AR - 120 count R606L
CandiBactin-AR® - 60sg - Small M106 Spectrum AR - 60 count R606
Chasteberry Plus M108 Chasteberry R108
Concentrated Ultra Prostagen (30 count) M918 Prostate Support R918
Concentrated Ultra Prostagen (60 count) M918L Prostate Support R918
Cortico-B5B6® - 60T - Small M825 Stress Essentials Adrenal B5B6 R825
D3 1000 (Metagenics) M144 NutriDyn D3 1000 R181
D3 5000 (Meta) M180 D3 5000 (NutriDyn) R195
Dynamic Omega-3 R126 Omega Pure EPA-DHA 2400 R817E
Dynamic Shake-A-Day R751 Dyn. Health Drink, Multi Powder, & O.P. EPA-DHA 2400 R451, R341, R817E
Endura® Lemonade (box) M982B Dynamic Hydrate R982
Fem Prenatal® M714 Prenatal R714
FolaPro® 60T - small M126 Methyl Pro R110
Glutagenics® M325 Dynamic GI Integrity R325
Healthy Trans. Wt. Loss Prog. w/ Choc. Shake & Soup M190C N/A N/A
Healthy Transform. Wt. Loss (HTCV) Shakes Only M191 N/A N/A
Healthy Transformation Chocolate Protein Shake M192C N/A N/A
Healthy Transformation Vegetable Soup M193S N/A N/A
ImmuCore® M156 Immune Support R156
Intrinsi B12-Folate® 180T - large M857L Mega B12 Folic R204
Mag Glycinate 120T - small (Metagenics) M872 Magnesium Glycinate R872
Mag Glycinate 240T - large (Metagenics) M872L Magnesium Glycinate R872L
Mag L-Threonate M209 Magtein R227
Metagenics BCAAs M460 Dynamic BCAA R163, R164
Metagenics MCT Oil M210 MCT Oil (NutriDyn) R188
MetaGlycemX® 120T - large M401L Gluco IR R960
MetaKids® DHA M303 Suppys Omega-3 DHA Y1020
MetaKids® Probiotic - Lg 120T M898CL Suppys Children's Chewable Probiotic - 120T large Y1030L
MetaKids® Probiotic (grape) - Sm 60T M898C Suppys Children's Chewable Probiotic Y1030
Mycotaki® M885 Immune Support R156
MyoCalm® 180T - large M884L Muscle Eze R884
MyoCalm® 60T - small M884 Muscle Eze R884
MyoCalm® Plus 60T - small M882 Muscle Eze Advanced R882
Nazanol® M118 Aller Pro T2121
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 2400 M817E Omega Pure EPA-DHA 2400 R817E
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 300 M839L Omega Pure EPA-DHA 300 R839
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 500 120SG M840L Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500 (120 count) R840
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 500 240SG M840XL Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500 (240 count) R840L
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 500 EC 120sg - large M850EL Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500 R840
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 720 120SG M841L Omega Pure EPA-DHA 720 (120 count) R841
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 720 240SG M841XL Omega Pure EPA-DHA 720 (240 count) R841L
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 720 60SG M841 Omega Pure EPA-DHA 720 (120 count) R841
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA Lemon 1000 120SG M243L Omega Pure EPA-DHA 1000 R243
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA Lemon 1000 60SG M243 Omega Pure EPA-DHA 1000 R243
Perfect Protein® Pea & Rice - Vanilla M897V Dynamic Daily Meal - Vanilla R323V
Perfect Protein® Whey - Chocolate M881C Dynamic Whey Protein Choc R372, R372L
Perfect Protein® Whey - Vanilla M881V Dynamic Whey Protein R373, R373L
PhytoMulti® (w/out iron) 120T - large M716L Essential Multi 180c lg R716L
PhytoMulti® (w/out iron) 60T - small M716 Essential Multi 90C sm R716
PhytoMulti® *Capsules M718 Essential Multi R716L
PhytoMulti® with Iron M717 Essential Multi with Iron R717
Phytosterol Complex P864 CardioSterol R870
Pneumo-Carotene M891 Lung Support R891
Pneumotrate P410 Lung Support R891
Protrypsin® 120T - large M811L NutraZyme TZ120
Serenagen® 60T - small M930 Stress Essentials Serenity R930
SulforaClear M116 Sulforaphane Complex R189
Testralin® M125 Testro Balance R125
Trancor® M147 Stress Essentials Relax R169
Twilight Time P1017 GoodNight R153
Ultra Glucose Control® 14 Day (vanilla) M963V Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic R334C
Ultra Glucose Control® 14 serv. - Choc M963C Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic R334C
Ultra Glucose Control® 7 Day (chocolate) M967C Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic R334C
Ultra Potent-C® 1000 M815 Vitamin C 1000 Complex R173
UltraClear PLUS H327 Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraClear Plus® Berry H327B Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraClear PLUS® pH H327PH Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraClear PLUS® pH - Pineapple/Banana H327PHP Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraClear Plus® Pineapple/Banana H327P Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraClear® H324L Dynamic Detox R104C, R104V
UltraFlora® IB M892 UltraBiotic Daily Extra Strength R892
UltraFlora® Spectrum (30 count) M829 UltraBiotic Daily Multi-Strain R829
UltraFlora® Spectrum (60 count) M829L UltraBiotic Daily Multi-Strain R829L
UltraFlora® Synergy M890D UltraBiotic Daily Powder R890P
UltraGI Replenish® 30 serv. Pouch Van. H292V Dynamic GI Restore vanilla R326V
UltraInflamX® Plus 360® - Orange (14 serving) H211O Dynamic Inflam-Eze R266, R267
UltraInflamX® Plus 360® 14 serv. Pin/Ban H211P Dynamic Inflam-Eze R266/R267
UltraInflamX® Plus 360® 30 serv. Pin/Banana H212P Dynamic Inflam-Eze R266L/R267L
UltraMeal® Advanced Protein chocolate H500C Dynamic Daily Meal chocolate R323C
UltraMeal® Advanced Protein vanilla H501V Dynamic Daily Meal vanilla R323V
UltraMeal® Cardio 360® Pea/Rice - Choc H301C Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic R334C
UltraMeal® Daily Support - Chocolate H513C Dynamic Daily Meal - Chocolate R323C
Wellness Essentials® Men's Vitality M275M Everyday Essentials Men's R275M
Wellness Essentials® Pregnancy M175P Everyday Essentials Pregnancy R275P
Zinc A.G. M913 Zinc Pro R913
Zinlori 75 M134 Zinc Carnosine R154